Lessons are availale from all of our PGA professionals.

We now have a Foresight Sport GC2 launch monitor available at Cottesmore. This enables us to provide greater services to our golfers, whether they are after new hardware products, lessons or a fitting session.


Lesson Prices - Calum Callan

"The golf swing evolves from the set up and takeaway. Do either of these poorly and you are making the game of golf more difficult. I am also aware that finding time to practise can be difficult for many people so I ensure they are able to make best use from what practice time they have."


45 Minute Lesson£35
60 Minute Lesson£45
90 Minute Lesson£65
30 Minute Junior Lesson£15
Other timings and variations available 


Lesson Prices - Steve Grouwstra

"I believe everyone is an individual and I coach them as such."


45 Minute Lesson£25
90 Minute Lesson£40
60 Minute Lesson (2 people)£35
30 Minute Junior Lesson£10
Other timings and variatons available 


Lesson Prices - Alistair Cardwell

"Whilst I think it is important to get the fundamentals right, especially when just starting, I think there are many ways a golfer can achieve a good result. The key to getting better is to find the method and techniques which work best for an individual and work on that."


45 Minute Lesson£30
90 Minute Lesson£50
60 Minute Lesson (2 people)£40
30 Minute Junior Lesson£15
Other timings and variations available 


To book a lesson with any of our professionals please call 01293 861777 or Click Here.

Vets News
Vets News
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