Core Workout Exercises perfect for golfers



- Lie flat on back with knees up and feet on the ground. Lower back should be pressed against the floor.
- Place arms behind head to support neck.
- Lift upper back and shoulders off the ground until abdominal muscles feel tight, and hold.
- Slowly lower back down to starting position.
- Repeat 3 sets of 12 reps




- Lie flat on back and place hands behind head. Lower back should be pressed against the floor.
- Lift legs in the air and bend knees so that legs form a 90 degree angle.
- Alternate bringing the left elbow to the right knee and the right elbow to the left knee.
- Continue crunching for 30 seconds x 10 reps

bicycle crunches



- Sit on the floor leaning back slightly, knees bent and feet on the ground
- Hold a medicine ball in the center of body.
- Twist from torso to the left and touch medicine ball to the floor.
- Quickly twist torso to the right and touch the medicine ball down.
- Repeat in a continuous motion for 45 seconds.

russian twist



- Start with hands and knees on the floor and pull the belly up toward the spine.
- Reach the right arm out in front and stretch the left leg straight behind.
- Hold for 20 - 60 seconds.
- Repeat with the opposite arm and leg




- Start on stomach and bring elbows and forearms underneath the shoulders.
- Pull the belly up toward the spine and tuck the toes.
- Push up on elbows and forearms so the body is in one straight line (be sure back is flat and not arched or hunched).
- Hold for 20 - 60 seconds.




- Start on left side, hips and feet stacked one on top of the other.
- Prop upper body up on bent left forearm (make sure elbow is aligned under the shoulder) and send right arm up toward the sky.
- Press the hips up while keeping your abdominal's tight.
- Hold for 10 - 30 seconds.
- Repeat on the right side.

sid eplank


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